“Make new stories.”
KADOKAWA: Accelerating into the Future

 The global content industry is now changing with every moment. Consumers enjoy a wider and wider range of digitized content through an increasingly powerful array of technological devices. In order to better meet the challenges of this new world, last October KADOKAWA made a new start, merging nine subsidiaries into a single “One Company” structure.

 This change presents tremendous opportunities. To begin with, we will create new business models and reorganize existing businesses to achieve sustainable growth. At the same time, our company strength remains the ongoing creation of premium entertainment content and the maximizing of cross-media strategies.

 One new goal from now on is the concentration of efforts on the development of content-based platforms, beginning with BOOK WALKER, an industry-wide e-book distribution platform. KADOKAWA will also aim to become a truly global entertainment enterprise, with a focus on overseas expansion.

 With our new unified “One Company” structure, we will be able to push through significant reform, enabling the acceleration of high-growth business strategies.

 We will continue to take on new challenges with courage and conviction and increase our operational efficiency.

 KADOKAWA is reborn. A new story now begins. We kindly thank all stakeholders for their support and understanding as the story begins anew.

Masaki Matsubara
Representative Director and President