Digital Transformation Strategy

Taking the Lead in Digital Transformation for the Entire Group

The KADOKAWA group is working to promote and implement digital transformation to provide high-quality content and service and to improve employees’ productivity.
The Group is changing three bases—the user base, the organization communication base, and the production and distribution base—through the introduction of cutting-edge ICT tools, the use of big data, and the building and operation of large-scale infrastructures, among other initiatives.
It has been producing results, including improvements in customer satisfaction, cost competitiveness, and productivity, the development of the internal environment and the promotion of workstyle reforms, the acceleration of management decision making, the low-cost operation of large-scale services, the reduction of risk and cost through optimized production and timely delivery, and expedited distribution.

3つの基盤(ユーザー基盤、組織コミュニケーション、製造・物流機能)を改革 ユーザー視点で事業を変革する組織へ

In anticipation of huge data through the digital transformation and the age of AI in the near future, we have started to study Smart City as data-driven space-time. We focus on four areas that are closely related to digital transformation: HR Tech, loyalty program, content and experience, and business management. We are expanding activities to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies and find solutions.

Smart City研究における4つのフォーカスエリア

Group companies

  • ATX INC.

    As a subsidiary that provides ICT service to the KADOKAWA group, ATX supports the operation and construction of KADOKAWA’s critical systems and related systems, primarily the commercial distribution and logistics systems, and supports the operation of internal EUC service at KADOKAWA.


    KADOKAWA CONNECTED boasts strengths in large-scale infrastructures, networks and big data analysis, and provides infrastructure development and operation for “niconico” and other services offered by the KADOKAWA group, ICT consulting, and support for workstyle reforms. Based on the results of those activities, KADOKAWA CONNECTED provides digital transformation advisory.
    KADOKAWA CONNECTED operates the “Smart City Research Institute”, which conducts research and development. The research institute develops solutions that will be necessary in the future, including AI, big data and networks, and provides B2B2X service in and out of the Group.