Digital Business

Pursuit of Added Value in IP and Services through Digital Transformation and Efficient User Approach

As the needs of society and users are changing dramatically, the KADOKAWA group is developing a unique digital business primarily at DWANGO Co., Ltd. and BOOK WALKER Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA is seeking to differentiate itself from competitors and is developing an environment where more people can enjoy intellectual property and services, taking a digital approach using e-books, e-commerce, downloadable games, video distribution and platforms, including “niconico”.
DWANGO and BOOK WALKER will continue to play key roles in KADOKAWA’s strategy and will develop a new digital approach, making the most of the Group’s assets. KADOKAWA will aim to grow by creating more added value in its intellectual property and services and taking a more efficient user approach.

Pursuit of Added Value in IP and Services through Digital Transformation and Efficient User Approach

Pursuing a digital strategy

We are taking steps to expand digitization fully using the Group’s resources, developing the “0 to 1” digital business, and making content more fun and more convenient using digital technology.

Media incubation

We are thoroughly reviewing the existing magazine business and are mixing magazines and the internet.

  • ウォーカープラス
  • ザテレビジョン
  • レタスクラブ

Business production

We are strengthening direct partnerships with clients, integrating the Group’s media to increase the value of advertising, and evolving advertising technology.

Group companies


    KADOKAWA GAME LINKAGE is attempting to create new value related to games. It develops game media, including publications under the brands of “Famitsu” and “Game no Dengeki”, online services and video distribution, produces gaming team “FAV gaming”, and plans e-sports events.
    It will increase the excitement from games to users and will bring the fun of games to more people.


    DWANGO develops a variety of digital content and services, taking advantage of innovative ideas and advanced technologies. Under the concept of “Born in the Net, Connected by the Net,” the company operates “niconico”, the video platform, and holds events, including “NICONICO CHO KAIGI”, events in the real world that mimic online events, and “Animelo Summer Live”, the world’s largest animation music event.
    It also engages in education. It has developed “N Prep School”, an e-learning application, in cooperation with “N High School”, which is run by Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen. It cooperates with Vantan (a subsidiary), an educational institution to cultivate young creators.


    BOOK WALKER manages “BOOK☆WALKER”, a comprehensive e-bookstore and engages in other operations related to e-books.
    “BOOK☆WALKER” sells more than 700,000 books from over 1,000 publishers. In addition to selling individual e-books, the company provides two subscription services: “Kadokawa Bunko” books and light novels all-you-can-read service, and manga and magazines all-you-can-read service.
    BOOK WALKER opened “Global Store”, which sells e-books in English mainly in North America. It also opened Taiwan Store through a subsidiary in Taiwan, which targets customers in greater China and sells Japanese manga and light novels that are translated into English and traditional Chinese.
    In addition, BOOK WALKER engages in the wholesale bookseller business, which mainly sells content from the KADOKAWA group to e-book service providers in Japan. In cooperation with NTT DOCOMO, the company develops and handles “d magazine”. It also provides an incubation service using voice synthesis technology.


    MAINICHI GA HAKKEN publishes “Mainichi ga Hakken” (Every Day Brings Discoveries), a magazine subscription for the elderly, and operates an online shopping catalog for them.


    MOVIE WALKER defines its mission as increasing movie goers and operates “Movieticket”, digital movie ticket service, and “MOVIE WALKER”, a site providing information on movies. It publishes Monthly Cinecon Walker, a magazine distributed at movie theaters, and DVD & Video Distribution Data magazine. In addition, it engages in advertisements related to movies and content production.