Intellectual Property Creation Business

Creating New Intellectual Property Centered around Publications

KADOKAWA publishes approximately 5,000 books and magazines every year, creating intellectual property in a wide range of categories, including literature, light novels, comics, children’s books, and lifestyle-related publication.
In addition to the publication of printed books and magazines, KADOKAWA is focused on website service, videos, and content services in tandem with publication as well as overseas operations. In recent years, KADOKAWA expanded its electronic platforms, including “ComicWalker” and “Kaku Yomu”, and its user generated content (UGC).
Going forward, we will work on our comprehensive publication strategy with concerted “ALL KADOKAWA” efforts, which goes beyond genre boundaries, and strive for the improvement of our ability to create our works.


Kadokawa operates different imprints, including “Kadokawa Bunko”, “Kadokawa Horror Bunko”, and publishes more than 300 works of fiction, primarily novels, including the works published in “Shosetsu Yaseijidai”, a literary magazine. The literature business actively cooperates with other departments, such as digital business, media mix, and overseas business, and is developing publications by anticipating the coming era.

「ドミノin上海」恩田陸、「暴虎の牙」柚月裕子、「スワン」呉勝浩、「天気の子」、「超・殺人事件」東野圭吾 「ドミノin上海」恩田陸、「暴虎の牙」柚月裕子、「スワン」呉勝浩、「天気の子」、「超・殺人事件」東野圭吾

Business books, how-to books, and non-fiction

We provide content related to work, living, and learning that increases readers’ quality of life and knowledge. A wide variety of books are included in this category, such as business books, how-to books, non-fiction, translations, essays told in pictures, study guides, language learning books, academic books, and dictionaries. The “Kadokawa Shinsho”, “Kadokawa Sophia Bunko”, and “Kadokawa Sensho” imprints are also included. We hold seminars and sell merchandise.

「神トーーク 「伝え方しだい」で人生は思い通り」「知らないと恥を書く 世界の大問題10」「はじめてのやせ筋トレ」
「世界一わかりやすい英文法の授業」 「神トーーク 「伝え方しだい」で人生は思い通り」「知らないと恥を書く 世界の大問題10」「はじめてのやせ筋トレ」

Light novels and new literature

Since we established the light novel category, we have consistently published hit series. Our media mix includes animation, games, comics created based on novels etc., and goods. We have created a variety of movements.
Different labels are always discovering new talent from among the writers winning new-writer awards and from the Web and UGC and providing entertaining novels that are adored by readers.

「オーバーロード」 「涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱」

Children’s books

KADOKAWA publishes a wide range of books for different growth stages, including picture books for infants to preschool children, character books, the “Kadokawa Manga Gakushu Series”, including Nihon no Rekishi (History of Japan), and “Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko”, a collection of books for children. We are considering digital books and books for overseas markets.

「Sassyのあかちゃんえほん にこにこ」「むれ」「角川まんが学習シリーズ 日本の歴史」「ぼくらの七日間戦争」「四つ子ぐらし」 「Sassyのあかちゃんえほん にこにこ」「むれ」「角川まんが学習シリーズ 日本の歴史」「ぼくらの七日間戦争」「四つ子ぐらし」


KADOKAWA has published many works targeting readers aware of trends in society under the theme, “always anticipating the needs of the times” and has received many manga awards. In recent years, it publishes an increasing number of translated overseas works and electronic works distributed through the “ComicWalker” website before the publication of printed magazines. KADOKAWA also publishes works for foreign markets.

「宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい!」4巻、「とある科学の超電磁砲」15巻、「異世界おじさん」1巻、「文豪ストレイドッグス」18巻、「ダンジョン飯」9巻 「宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい!」4巻、「とある科学の超電磁砲」15巻、「異世界おじさん」1巻、「文豪ストレイドッグス」18巻、「ダンジョン飯」9巻


In addition to providing the latest detailed information on animation, KADOKAWA publishes “Newtype”, a comic and magazine publishing serial novels, “Da Vinci”, which provides information on bestselling books and comics, “Comptiq”, which provides information on app games, browser games and VTubers, fifteen comics, and other magazines, for people with strong interests in these areas.

「ダ・ヴィンチ」「ニュータイプ」「コンプティーク」「少年エース」「あすか」 「ダ・ヴィンチ」「ニュータイプ」「コンプティーク」「少年エース」「あすか」

Group companies


    As the KADOKAWA group’s media research institute, KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories gathers knowledge in the group and offers optimal one-stop services, including the publication of ASCII media, research, education, creative development and user support.


    Choubunsha publishes primarily children’s books. It has published a number of serials, which are placed in schools and public libraries. The company aims to publish books that call for children to think about the importance of life and peace, primarily the two bestselling series Hadashi no Gen and Sekai de Ichiban Mazushii Daitoryo.